3D cube

3D Cube is an interactive ad format with 4 parts, which is available on mobile and desktop devices. With one swipe/drag it is possible to display part of the hidden content and then with a tap/double click with the mouse cursor to open the desired target.

For using / implementing ad format 3D Cube is required to provide four static pictures / images, each one has size 300x300px (WxH).


Example of creative

Technical parameters

3D Cube Detail
Format jpg/png
one side 3D Cube (ŠxV) 300x300px
Data size – all four sides 3D Cube to 150 kB
Selectable option Automatic rotation



  • Can not use HTML5, static picture only / static pictures.
  • Cant not target on browser Internet Explorer.
  • The 3D Cube with the automatic rotation variant, the user will gets to the target page by tap / click.
  • Up to max. four click-through URLs (including metrics, if available) and external impression tracking code, if is required, please send along with your files.