Example of creative

Example of the Branding format serving on Aktuálně.cz


Technical spec

  • To cover the entire website, it is necessary to provide the background 2000x1400px (format jpg/png).
  • The width of the content is 1080px, the content is placed 210px from the top. Due to the different resolutions and ratios of the display devices, the largest number of users will see an advertisement placed within a width of 1280 px and a height of 780 px, so we recommend preparing a creative with this in mind.
  • In the case of optional repetition, the supplied background image must be consecutive, otherwise it is necessary to send a second background image with the size 2000x1400px, which will already be repetitive.
  • In the case of a branding variant with an optional background fixation, it is necessary to supply a background with a minimum size of 1980x1400px (format jpg/png) – the height of the fixed background can be higher by agreement.


Technical parameters





  • The total data size of the creative should not exceed 350 kB.
  • HTML5 banners and any animations can not be used for ( A creative can only be compiled from static jpg / png images.
  • If you choose a variant with the option of repeating the background to the bottom of the page, it is necessary that the background follows each other. Otherwise, it is necessary that the background at the bottom needs to change to a solid color.
  • Only skyscrapers in jpg / gif / png format can be repeated. HTML5 creatives do not repeat on the page.
  • In case the background cannot be repeated, it is necessary to supply the color in hexacode for exmaple # FF8000. This color should follow the supplied background for a smooth transition to a united color.


Method of production and delivery

  • The leaderboard should not be graphically separated from the background, it should be designed to act as a single graphic unit.
  • The creative must not have the same background color as the site background; it must be sufficiently distinguished from the content.