Multiple Branding

Multiple branding is an advertising format in which individual backgrounds are scrolled independently of page scrolling. This creates an interesting effect that allows you to use this creatively. The background always scrolls to the top of the page.

Example of creative

Examples of creative variation on pages Aktuálně.cz

Technical parameters

Leaderboard (not required) Background Skyscrapery (not required)
1080x210px max. 1980×1000 px 120×1000 px
Without limits Without animations Without limits


  • To cover the entire website, it is necessary to provide several backgrounds measuring 1980x1000px, possibly also leaderboard 1080x210px (nebo 1080x100px). Skyscrapers can also be used..
  • Up to 6 different backgrounds can be used, but due to the total data size, we recommend a maximum of 4. It is also possible to define a background color (displayed at the time the creatives are loaded).
  • The total data size of each background creative should not exceed 150 kB.



  • Fireplace is only displayed for a viewport (window) that is at least 1280px wide.
    • We recommend preparing the creative with regard to the fact that in some cases when the browser window is only 1280px wide, the sides of the fireplace have about 50px visible on each side. (minus scrollbar)
  • The backgrounds are 1000px high, but not all users have an active window at this size. When producing creatives, it is necessary to take into account that the displayed area can be about 600-800px from above.
  • The clickable area is possible only on the leaderboard and skyscrapers (“fireplace sides”) . Only skyscrapers in jpg / gif / png format can be repeated. HTML5 creatives do not repeat on the page.
  • Backgrounds or skyscrapers can be sticked on the page.
  • URL for click-through (including metrics, if available) and external impression tracking code, if is required, please send along with your files.
  • For the HTML5 format, you must follow the definition of click-through.
  • Multiple Fireplace cannot be used in Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge yes)