Mouseover Branding


Branding consists of three backgrounds and two transparent elements placed on the sides. The background changes smoothly when you hover the mouse over the elements on the sides, thus enabling an interesting creative use of the branding advertising space.


Example of creative

Example of format serving on Aktuálně.cz

Technical spec for websites Aktuálně.cz (včetně,, Ž, Vaření.cz,,, Volný.cz,

  • To cover the entire website, it is necessary to provide three 2000x2000px jpg/png background, one is displayed in the base, background 2 and 3 depending on the mouseover. The background will be centered. Content is shifted 210px from the top. The width of the content space is 1080px.
  • 22x transparent png on the sides, each 460px wide. The height is basically 100px, but it is also possible, for example, 200px – it depends on the creativity. (We can then adjust the background color for these elements – for example, they can pulsate slightly with white to attract attention – see preview.
  • In the graphics, it is necessary to take into account the safe zone on the sides. In most cases, at least 120px is visible on each page away from the content.
  • In addition to standard measurements, interactivity can be measured; it is possible to deploy client measuring pixels that are called on the mouseover elements on the sides, and it is also possible to measure clicks on them separately.
  • The total data size of the creative should not exceed 450 kB.