Transition Branding

Transition Branding is a non-standard advertising format whose background automatically blends between the other two backgrounds and then blends the three backgrounds backwards. This blending effect can either be extended or this effect can be purposefully shortened.


Example of creative

Example of a creative variant with a fixed blending background on – HERE

Technical spec

  • Three backgrounds with a size of 1980x1400px, which will be fixed


Technical parameters

First bachground (no.1) Second background (no.2) Third background (no.3)
min. 1980×1400 px min. 1980×1400 px min. 1980×1400 px
jpg / png jpg / png jpg / png



  • Can not use HTML5, static background only
  • URL for click-through (including metrics, if available) and external impression tracking code, if is required, please send along with your files.
  • The total data size of the creative should not exceed 450 kB
  • The background must be adapted to the width of the content of the service (1080px)
  • When the page loads, the first background is loaded first. The animation continues and the first background blends into the second background and then into the third.
  • It is not feasible for browser Internet Explorer 10 and its lower version (IE 10, IE 9,…)


Method of production and delivery

  • The creative must not have the same background color as the site background; it must be sufficiently distinguished from the content.
  • In case the background cannot be repeated, it is necessary to supply the color in hexacode for exmaple # FF8000. This color should follow the supplied background for a smooth transition to a united color.