Video banner

Video banner is an HTML5 advertising format that consists of a video and a static image.

Example of creative

  • An example of a creative in the halfpage position can be found here
  • An example of a creative in the megaboard position can be found here
  • An example of a creative in the medium rectangle position can be found here


Technical parameters

Format Measurements (WxH) Data size
leaderboard 990×100 within 2MB including video
double leaderboard 990×210 within 2MB including video
medium rectangle 300×250 within 2MB including video
half page ad 300×600 within 2MB including video
wallpaper 480×300 within 2MB including video
megaboard 970×310 within 2MB including video



  • Please follow the specifications to create a creative for HTML5 Video
  • For the HTML5 format, you must follow the definition of click-through.
  • All sound must be muted when loading the banner..
  • The sound must be triggered only after the user has directly interacted with the banner – by clicking on the sound in the video control.
  • The banner must contain control buttons PAUSE, PLAY and able to mute the sound.
  • URL for click-through (including metrics, if available) and external impression tracking code, if is required, please send along with your files.