Gyroscope banner is a banner that uses changes in image orientation when tilting a mobile device. This useful function is provided by a gyroscope in conjunction with an accelerometer.

The real size of the creative is 1152 x 768 px, where the visible part has a size of 300 x 250 px. Thanks to the effect of changing the angle of the image when tilted, it is possible to see the entire creative gradually. In the absence of a gyroscope sensor in the mobile device, the user will be shown a auxiliary image, which should offer the possibility to use a swipe gesture in the banner area.

Example of creative

Live example of creative

Technical parameters

Gyroscope Detail
Format jpg/png
The main image(WxH) 1152x768px
The auxiliary image (WxH) 300x250px
Data size – Main image do 150 kB
Data size – Auxiliary image do 50 kB



  • URL for click-through (including metrics, if available) and external impression tracking code, if is required, please send along with your files.
  • Cant not use HTML5, static images only.