Mobile Sticky Video

Mobile Sticky Video is a video banner advertising format for mobile devices, which is placed in the first advertising position in the article or on the homepage.

As soon as the user scrolls to the ad, the video starts to play automatically.
The video has no sound and no controls, it plays in a loop.
A click through to the landing page is from the entire video area.
When the ad is scrolled to the top of the screen, the video “sticks”, stays in the viewport, and a close button appears.

If the user clicks the close button, the ad will return to its original position and will no longer be sticky on the same pageview.


Example of creative

expamle of format Mobile Sticky Video on serving Aktuálně.cz


Technical parameters

Placeholder image Video
360×200 px (appears during video loading) Resolution 512x288px or less
Length of video max. 20sec, we recommend 6sec



  • Cannot use third party ad serving (3rd party VAST)