Side Video Branding

Side Video Branding is a non-standard advertising format that includes video on the left side of the page. The video can be closed by clicking on the cross above it. By clicking on the video, its size will be enlarged across the entire screen even with a cross on its close.


Example of creative

Example of format Side Video Branding serving on Aktuálně.cz


Technical spec

  • To cover the entire website, it is necessary to provide the background 2000x1000px (formát jpg/png) and leaderboard 1080x210px (format jpg/png)
  • The width for the content is 1080px
  • Provide video 720p HD 1280x720px mp4


Technical parameters

Background Video
2000×1000 px 1280×720
jpg / png mp4
The video on the page is positioned 400px from the top by default. The position of the video can be changed on request.



  • Can not use HTML5, only static background
  • Provide video 720p HD 1280x720px mp4
  • Recommended image data size 250 kB (bez videa)
  • URL for click-through (including metrics, if available) and external impression tracking code, if is required, please send along with your files.
  • Background must be customized according to the width of the service content (1080px)


Method of production and delivery

  • The creative must not have the same background color as the site background; it must be sufficiently distinguished from the content.