Scratch Branding

Scratch Branding / Fireplace is an advertising format that uses mouse cursor movement to display hidden content on the device screen. With a few movements, it is possible to display the hidden content and then click to open the desired destination.

This ad format consists of two parts – two backgrounds. The first background is the top – “scratch”, which is located around the content of the page. The second part is the bottom background, which appears after the user action with the top area.

Example of creative

Live example of creative on ž : HERE

Technical parameters

Scratch Branding Detail
Format jpg/png
Background – top (WxH) 1980x1400px (min. velikost 1980x600px)
Image – bottom (WxH) 1980x1400px (min. velikost 1980x600px)
Data size – top background within 150 kB
Data size – bottom background within 150 kB



  • Can not use HTML5, static images only
  • It is not feasible for the and
  • It is not feasible for the browser Internet Explorer 11 and its lower version (IE 10, IE 9,…)
  • When the page loads, the top background is loaded first. Below the “scratch” background is the bottom background.
  • URL for click-through (including metrics, if available) and external impression tracking code, if is required, please send along with your files.